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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2019

I took a solo day trip to visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in the middle of April. I found fields and fields full of color along the roadsides on my way to RoozenGaarde. I crossed the street from the grassy parking area with the other tulip viewers, funneled through the entrance, and came out to the vast open fields full of blooms.

This Wednesday was a particularly good day to visit. The early afternoon on a weekday yields less crowds since everyone is still at work. The walkways were pretty dry, so guests weren't avoiding puddles like I've seen in years passed. Nearly every single row of tulips was in full bloom. The forecast predicted overcast skies, but the clouds broke and the sun shone on the fields all afternoon. I couldn't have asked for a better day to visit!

Tulips are some of my favorite flowers! Well, I love a lot of flowers - dahlias and sunflowers are included in a three-way tie for first! I love how vibrant tulip colors can be. They manage to light up an entire field as they pop against the landscape. Their petals are soft to the touch and they open and close depending on how much light there is -so they close at night and when it rains to protect their pollen.

I spent quite a bit of time circling through the fields and admiring the different varieties of tulips. I watched as groups of people took pictures together and parents snapped shots of their babies. I also wandered through the display gardens and looked at all the specialized and frilled tulips.

By the entrance of RoozenGaarde you can purchase bundles of cut or potted tulips and other memorabilia. Bundles of 10 tulips were 5 for $20, so of course I took home 5 bundles to add some extra color to my kitchen! I love adding some of my experiences to my home, even if they're sometimes temporary.


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