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The Reader

In those early days of the 2020 pandemic, shops were closed, parks were limited, and curbside pickup had taken over retail establishments. Communities were urged to stay home and, like many of us, I found myself searching for a hobby to fill my new free time.

I curled up on the couch one rainy March afternoon and began flipping through the pages of To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. From then I was hooked.

After being forced to stay up until the early hours of the waning morning with my nose stuffed into a textbook, reading was the last thing I wanted to enjoy after college. But sometimes things come back into our lives like a long lost friend with arms open wide and a smile plastered on their face. It took a few years, but I found my love for reading once again.


I am constantly adding to my long list of favorites. I'm drawn to the books that bring on the most extreme emotions.


Those moments when you cheer through the victories, cuss at the wrong decisions, and curse the villain when they manage to get the upper hand. I'm instantly enthralled with side characters that make me laugh - you know those deep belly laughs from the unsuspecting banter dialogue.


I need to indulge in books that leave a mark. When you read the last line of the last page, tears rolling down your cheeks, and you know that there will be nothing else besides this book that fills your thoughts.

Those are the kinds of books added to this list.

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