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Niccum Engagement

Michael and I managed to create an intimate engagement shoot together - just the two of us. We wanted to see if we could take our own engagement photos. We've got the means and the equipment, so why not just try?

Together we were able to laugh and kiss and play together without having to worry about anyone else watching. We were able to pick a day that worked whenever we wanted, leave whenever we were ready, and stay for as long as we needed to get all the right photos. We set up the camera on a tripod, placed a ten-photo burst on a timer, and looked at each other until we giggled.

Michael and I are people that tend to stay reserved in front of the public eye, but loosen up when we're by ourselves. We were able to loosen up when it was just the camera we had to worry about. I loved spending the afternoon together and play around with ideas we both had for images we wanted.

In the end, I was able to get all the photos I wanted in my own photography style - something I could only dream of


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