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Birthday Boardwalk

It's been a while since I've updated my blog here! All of my free time was consumed by wedding EVERYTHING! And now it's the middle of August, our magical wedding is over, and I *think* I'm going to have some free time again!

I never talked about my birthday from back in June! So here we go!

Birthdays are one of the bigger celebrations we do - which isn't really saying much since we don't really celebrate holidays. Birthdays have turned into a special "me" day. We may not do the whole big party and blow out the candles, but we try to find things the other would like to spend their free day doing, and purchase a gift for them that day.

On my birthday, my mom came up for the afternoon. We perused through my favorite garden shop, wandered around HomeGoods, and grabbed some lunch (to be honest, I'm writing this almost two months after my birthday and I seriously cannot remember where we got lunch...).

After my mom left, Michael kept asking if there was anything in particular that I wanted as a gift. I find that I am getting harder and harder to shop for because I either already have what I need, or when I want something, I go out and get it. I wracked my brain through dinner, and couldn't come up with anything - he still never got me anything, which I still find funny today!

In the midst of wedding planning, I wasn't trying to think of myself and what I personally wanted for myself. I didn't have the spare money to spend, so I decided to cut out the extra odds and ends, meaning I wasn't even actively looking for anything to personally treat myself with.

Instead of a material object, I decided I wanted to go down to Boulevard Park and walk the Boardwalk. As we walked, we passed many people sitting on benches to watch the sunset. A saxophone player filled the air with music. I snapped photos as the sun sunk into the bay.

I reflected on this 25th birthday of mine. As I get older, I've noticed that I am wanting less and less of material objects unless they have a specific purpose that I know I will continually use them for. I am growing tired of the clutter and the useless items filling up my apartment. Instead, I would rather fill up my memories with beautiful moments. I want to document as much as possible and collect photos instead of things.

I want to have memorable experiences instead of forgetful objects. And I think that is totally doable.


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