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Tiana and Keifer

I had so much fun with Tiana and Keifer on this snowy adventure!

We started out our expedition searching for snow. We figured we'd be able to find some snow somewhere in the foothills of Stevens Pass. Tiana and Keifer piled into my Subaru, and we headed down Highway 2 for our search! We passed through Sultan and Goldbar and Index and Baring, but there was no snow to be found. We could see the edge of the snow-line on the mountains in front of us. The closer we came to starting our ascent of the summit, the more the snow grew on the sides of the road. Soon we were nearly to the top of the summit with no places to stop and snow beginning to fall.

We pulled off into the Stevens Pass Ski Resort parking area, and decided the place was good as any. As soon as we started, the snow began to fall and make the photo all that more magical.

I had such a fun time playing in the snow with these two. Keifer is full of laughs. I haven't had much time to spend with him since he's stationed with the Navy over in Virginia. I was able to see how he cares for Tiana in the littlest ways - holding onto her glasses so they didn't fall in the snow or break, fixing her hair pieces so they looked just right, making sure she has a jacket and gloves to keep her warm even though he didn't bring any for himself. I think Keifer's a keeper, T!


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