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Rocket Donuts

I have been thinking about doing some sort of cute food-themed shoot for a while now! And how cute is a decorated donut?

I was out and about on my day off and told myself, "Sarah, you've been wanting to come up with this for a while now. Just do it today! It's bright and sunny out, when are you going to have a better day?" So that afternoon I stopped off at Rocket Donuts down in Fairhaven and picked up the perfect (besides my thumb print. Now you can't unsee it!) pink sprinkled donut for my photos. I also had to grab up their donut of the month, a red velvet doozie. As soon as I finished with my photos, needless to say, both donuts were devoured. Visiting Rocket Donuts also gave me the excuse to roam around Fairhaven, my favorite part of Bellingham.


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