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Mt. Baker Highway

On the first day of June, we packed some sandwiches and water and loaded up the car to start a journey toward Mount Baker. An hour drive later, we arrived to this little park on the side of the road to eat our lunch and play. Our pup, Atticus, splashed in the glacial water and barked while trying to save as many sticks and rocks from the current as he could.

I loved driving through the winding wooded highway up to the Mount Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest. When I first rolled down my window, the scent only created by warm dirt and sun-kissed trees filled my nose and I felt a sense of nostalgia fill me up. My dad built his house out in the woods, so I spent many summers running through trails, riding bikes down our lane, and laying out in the sun. This particular wooded scent reminded of the Redwoods, the Sequoias, and home. It filled me with memories and excitement, and I hope that I find myself roaming the woods again sometime soon.

Michael and I are trying to take the time to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. With full-time jobs, it can be difficult to work in some playtime outside. Bellingham has been full of sunshine and warmth, and we've been taking advantage of any time in the sun we can get!


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