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Fall Photoshoot with the Girls

My closest friends and I had so much fun getting together and being Baesic B's for this little fall photoshoot back in October!

It's hard to find time where we're all free to get together without scheduling far out in advance (you know, that adult life), but we managed to pull it off! We laughed and made dirty jokes the entire photoshoot, which may or may not have been appropriate for a family pumpkin patch.

The Farm at Swan's Trail was "pure magic" as we put it. The surrounding area was raining, and we were concerned that our pictures wouldn't turn out. But Swan's was bright and sunny and warm!

We found our coziest fall attire to pose with the pumpkins, and then donned our witchiest dresses to shoot in the apple orchard. The photos came out more magical than I expected (pun intended).

I want to give a special thanks to Hailey and Katie for offering to take such awesome photos of me, as the photographer doesn't always get the chance to be in front of the camera!




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